Port of Antwerp shipping agent
and ‑shipbroker

As far as sea freight is concerned, all parties have a common goal: an efficient shipment of their goods. For this, you need the expertise of a shipping agent and a shipbroker. Ship-Shape offers you a two-in-one service.

As a shipping agent and shipbroker based in the Port of Antwerp, we arrange the best sea freight deals for you around the world.

Smooth handling
starts with proper

As soon as your ship is delayed, the costs start to add up. Yet the cause for this is often easy to identify: a breakdown in communication between the parties involved. Naturally, you want to avoid this. By keeping an open line of communication between all parties, we arrange for a smooth handling of your vessel. Whether as a shipping agent, shipbroker or operator, we’re there for you.

As a shipping agent and shipbroker, Ship-Shape focuses on getting the best deals for a smooth handling of your freight.

Your shipping agent
between ship and shore

Efficient handling of sea freight

Working in close tandem with the shipping company, we make sure your ship reaches its destination port without a hitch and is unloaded and loaded as quickly as possible.

Accurate information 24/7

You will receive an update about your ship and cargo as early as 8.30 a.m. The final update will be sent no later than 8.00 p.m. In addition, we are available 24/7 to give you an up-to-date status of your vessel on the spot.

Network in Belgian and Dutch ports

Besides operating as a shipping agent in Antwerp, we are also active in the ports of Ghent and Zeebrugge. In addition, we have contacts at the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam as well.

Shipbroker and operator

Shipping your cargo is one thing. But getting the best deal on the spot market? That’s a specialised job, depending on the market in which you operate. Our specialisation lies in the global shipping of steel products and commodities.

What can you expect from Ship-Shape?

Are you looking for a specific sea freight for your cargo?

Freight forwarding agency Armos

Since 2021, Ship-Shape has joined forces with the freight forwarder Armos. This cross-pollination between shipping agent, shipbroker and freight forwarder means that there’s an expert at the helm during every step of your shipping process.

With Ship‑Shape as your shipbroker 
and ‑shipping agent at the Port of Antwerp

As a shipping agent and shipbroker, Ship-Shape focuses on getting the best deals for a smooth handling of your freight.