your partner between ship and shore

In 1999, I began my career as a salaried shipping agent. Since then, I’ve sailed many seas, so to speak. For example, I started out at a small agency and moved on to a liner agency. There, I took my first steps in chartering and went on to become a consultant in a large agency. Until there came a time when I thought: I should start doing this on my own. That moment of realisation came in early 2013.

Shipping agent and

I knew from experience that customers prefer to arrange their freight through one person. So it seemed logical that, in addition to being a shipping agent, I should use my knowledge to serve as a shipbroker. And this turned out to be a big success since in 80 percent of my assignments today, I act as a shipping agent as well as a shipbroker.

Independent agent
with a broad network

Ship-Shape is essentially a one-man show. Although I prefer to refer to it as teamwork. Because Ship-Shape could not exist without my extensive global network. So, I didn’t hesitate for a minute when I got the opportunity to become a shareholder of the freight forwarding agency Armos. At Armos, my experience as a shipping agent fits in perfectly with the services provided by freight forwarders.

Thanks to Armos, I’ve also expanded my network to other continents. For example, today Ship-Shape also acts as an intermediary for deep sea shipping from Asia to Europe and America.

Ship-Shape is not the biggest player in the market. But that’s actually an advantage for you. Because you, as a customer, in whatever capacity, always receive my undivided attention.

I look forward to working with you.

Martijn Noé, Business Manager

As a shipping agent and shipbroker, Ship-Shape focuses on getting the best deals for a smooth handling of your freight.